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Boston Based Software Engineer

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Resilient, Experienced, and Adaptable. From teaching kids how to build, fix, and repair computers; to teaching them how to jailbreak iPhones and iPods. I've worked to enrich my community with technical knowledge and will have the same drive and compassion as your next Software Engineer!

  • Javascript
  • Node.js
  • Mongo DB
  • JQuery
  • React.js
  • Express

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A FinTech full stack web application using the Plaid API to grab current up to date bank account information, at the same time showing your progress towards your Savings goals with graphs and charts to help gamify your financial future.

Fiscally - Turning your financial dreams into realities!

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Animated Weather

Using 2 API's to locate anywhere in the world by the users search term, plotting the location as coordinates, and then querying said coordinates into the OpenWeatherMap API. Then after grabbing your location and weather, I'm displaying a visually correct animation that shows what type of weather is happening in that location.

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To Do List

Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I've been able to make a To Do List that tracks how many tasks you currently have left, as well as tracks how many tasks you've already completed

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“Not only looks great, but is functional as well!”

Nyah M. Software Engineer

The Slate Website

I recreated the Slate News website using only a photo as a reference. Then going beyond to make the website Desktop and Mobile-Friendly

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